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A Grand Day Out: A Guide to Knowing About Renting Tents

Updated: Jun 24

Whether taking the well-deserved time off school or work, camping trips with family or best friends offer benefits that make you want to return for more. This grand day out lets you break free from your daily routine and reduce stress. It's also a fantastic opportunity to unplug from technology and reconnect with loved ones and nature.

While you can grab marshmallows and bug spray, it's not a camping trip without a tent! However, it can be tricky if you can't bring a large tent on a flight or want to try a four-season family tent before buying. For this reason, you should consider renting this essential camping gear.

If you want to create a hassle-free day out, this article will discuss the standard rental policies and how much you should pay for this essential gear. We'll also explain when to do it and how to borrow one correctly.

What Are the Common Tent Rental Policies?

Before renting a tent, you must read all terms and conditions to avoid unnecessary expenses and ensure a stress-free holiday. When renting this equipment, remember that you’re exposing the tent to many potential risks like dirt or damage. If this happens, you may be responsible for paying the tent’s total retail price. However, some rental companies offer gear insurance for an additional fee to decrease this risk.

You should also know that you may pay for cancellation or late fees if your plans change or return the tent past the deadline.

How Much Should You Pay When Renting This Gear?

A tent’s rental cost depends on its brand and size. However, most companies offer a good quality four-person tent that usually costs $350 to $500 for a whole week at a price range of $50 to 100. If you choose home delivery, you’ll pay an additional $50 for shipping.

Many rental companies offer camping gear packages that include sleeping bags and other essentials, which you can combine with your tent for a better deal. Some companies may also allow you to buy the tent after renting it, and they can remove the rental fee from the final cost. This choice is ideal if you want to test the equipment before buying.

Is Renting a Tent Affordable?

While renting a tent is usually cost-effective, you may face extra charges that could cost more in the long term if you struggle with sticking to a schedule.

When Should You Rent a Tent or Bring Your Own?

If you have a good tent suitable for your camping location’s weather conditions and can quickly bring it along, it’s better to bring your own instead of renting one. However, renting this essential camping gear can be ideal if you need a tent for different conditions or a larger group and want a more convenient way of bringing it to your destination.

You can also rent one if you don’t have a tent and don’t have the space or means to store one. Moreover, consider borrowing if you rarely use a tent and want to test some options before buying one.

How to Rent a Tent

While serious campers usually have a tent lineup, occasional outdoor enthusiasts rent a tent. However, tent renting adds to the logistics of planning a camping trip, and campsites don’t typically offer rental options. You can borrow from a local outfitter or a nationwide gear company that allows for pick-up at physical locations. You should also check if they can ship your camping tents and gear directly to your destination.


While there’s nothing wrong with owning a tent lineup, sometimes renting camping gear may be cost-effective, especially if you rarely go outside or want the planning process to be less stressful. You can ensure a successful camping trip by reading the rental policies, finding a reputable company, and paying on time.

If you need to rent gear for your incoming camping trip in Toronto, check out Boomerang! We’re committed to making your holiday less stressful with our simple booking system. Explore your options now!

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