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How it works

Rent gear

Search for the gear and select when you want it. Chat with the lender if you have questions.

Lend gear

Post or import your rental items for free. Easily review and confirm booking requests.

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Renting gear

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Search for an item

Find the item you want to rent and see when it’s available.

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Send a request

Select the dates you want and send a request to the lender.

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Enjoy the item

Chat with the lender. Pick up the item or get it delivered. Enjoy!

Renting items

Lending gear

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Post rental item

Set hourly or daily rates, offer pick up and delivery, ask for a deposit.

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Confirm requests

Receive booking requests and chat with the renter to discuss any details.

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Earn money

Get paid out directly to your bank account securely with Stripe.

Lending items

Join the sharing economy

Renting on Booomerang isn’t just convenient and cost effective. By buying less and renting more, you’re also contributing to the sharing economy, making better use of resources and helping to protect this wonderful planet we live on. Welcome to the rental revolution.

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